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At The Manifold Innovations, Corporation, we want to make the lives of our clients easier. Our mission is to help our clients fulfill their visions by providing them with innovative and impactful solutions that are both effective and efficient. We strive for excellence, so they can confidently take the next step in increasing their influence, income, and overall effect on the world! Our specialized services focus on anything from office management & human resources to leadership development & project planning - all in an effort to create structure that helps our client's life or business run as smoothly as possible! We also evaluate practices and provide feedback for better outcomes; we assist with strategy formulation; we have designed our training programs so everyone can reach their highest potential. Ultimately it's about taking care of people-it drives what we do here at The Manifold Innovation Corporation every day!

The Innovators Coaching Group (ICG) focuses on the 4 C’s: Coaching, Connection, Communication, & Community. We specialize in helping to discover hidden potential from within and help to strengthen and maximize your abilities, gifts, and talents to achieve your goals. We help you get measurable results.


Terra is happily married, a proud mother of two, worship leader, playwright, author, recording artist, international speaker, and businesswoman.

Terra holds two degrees in Business Administration and Business Management; and certification for Pre-purchase Housing Counseling, Church Management, and Church Taxes. Terra has also received her Life, Career, & Time Management Coaching Certification. Her business administration and management expertise are proven with over eighteen years of successful business, administrative, clerical, financial, coaching, and professional managerial experience. 

She has helped organizations develop schools in the pandemic by helping to create the curriculum, training students and staff, creating handbooks and other documents needed for payroll, HR, the registrar, and providing back-end administrative support. Terra has successfully assisted churches in developing strategies to increase revenue, encourage better business practices, and research and secure funding for businesses and churches. She has set up businesses through the local, state, and federal levels, helping her clients achieve long-awaited dreams of business ownership. Terra has also helped to recover revenue by creating more efficient business operations and providing training to employees for businesses. 

Her passion and love to help others achieve their dreams are a driving force in what makes her services and products unique. 

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