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The Manifold Innovations Corporation provides comprehensive business management services aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness. Meanwhile, The Innovators Coaching Group specializes in personalized coaching services designed to help clients maximize their potential through holistic personal and professional development strategies.


To empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential through transformative coaching, consulting, and training services while fostering a community of aspiring writers through our Writers Unblock Academy.

Life Coaching

Personal Development

Career Coaching

Personal Development Courses

Business Coaching & Consulting

Church/Ministry Consulting

Strategy & Organization

Policy & Procedure Review/Creation

Document/Agreements Creation

Digital Product Creation/Training

Church Administration Management & Training

...and more


I founded The Manifold Innovations Corporation after witnessing numerous churches, businesses, and individuals operating below their true potential. Many people perceive dreams as mere fantasies, escaping from the realities of their lives. However, my personal journey has taught me that with determination and the right strategies, any obstacle can be overcome, and goals can be achieved.


Throughout my years of experience, I have helped churches with limited budgets develop operating strategies that excel. Furthermore, I have assisted businesses in recovering over half a million dollars in lost revenue stemming from inefficient business strategies. These experiences have equipped me with invaluable insights and tools to generate more efficient and effective results.


At The Manifold Innovations, Corporation, our mission is to provide comprehensive coaching, consulting, and training solutions that enable personal and professional growth. We are committed to helping individuals overcome obstacles, unlock their creativity, and achieve their goals in various aspects of life, including personal development, career advancement, business success, and ministry effectiveness. Our Writers Unblock Academy further empowers aspiring authors to break through the barriers of writer's block and share their stories with the world. Through our expertise, guidance, and unwavering support, we strive to make a positive and lasting impact on individuals and the community as a whole.

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